Automation Savings Calculator

The calculator below will assist in working out the time and cost savings of using either a manual, a semi-automatic or a fully automatic Vickers Hardness tester.

Savings will depend upon the number of tests to be performed daily and the cost of the technician performing them. Input these figures and the calculator will work out the annual value of increasing automation. The differential costs of the systems are shown to enable payback time to be quickly calculated.



Technician Set Up and Testing Time per Day:

Automatic Semi-Automatic Manual
??? hr ??? hr ??? hr

Savings per Year:

At £?? per hour, each year you would save approximately:

  • ???? by upgrading from Manual to Automatic.
  • ???? by upgrading from Semi-Automatic to Automatic.
  • ???? by upgrading from Manual to Semi-Automatic.

Cost Differential for Upgrades:

Upgrade From: Upgrade To: Upgrade Cost (GBP):
Manual Automatic £25000
Semi-Automatic Automatic £17500
Manual Semi-Automatic £7500