Customised Fixtures

Along with a comprehensive range of standard machines, Indentec design and manufacture hardness testing equipment to customers individual requirements, whether these include bespoke fixtures to support awkward to test components or fully automated systems which are an integral part of the production process.


Force application makes a significant contribution to hardness test measurement uncertainty, therefore test piece support is critical to achieving a valid hardness test. Indentec have in-house mechanical design expertise with years of experience in the manufacture of fixtures for difficult to test components.

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Fixture for hardness testing a turbine disc

Indentec is a world leader in aerospace component testing. Testing instruments are NADCAP compliant and both instruments and in-house designed and manufactured component fixtures meet a range of research, development, quality control and certification needs. Indentec have designed solutions for testing of turbines, engine parts, heat exchangers and internal pipework.


Fixture for hardness testing a camshaft

Indentec have supplied testing instruments and fixturing devices to most of the largest automotive manufacturers and their component supply chains (machining and heat treatment). Our nose mounted indenter allows Indentec to offer solutions to test parts intact and our experience of fixture design can permit testing of hard to reach test points with the need to cut components into sections. Indentec have unrivalled experience in testing constant velocity joints (CVJ), shafts, gears, brake linings, sprockets, and bearings.


Fixture for hardness testing ball bearings

Hardness testing automation improves cost effectiveness and reduces the level of operator influence on the test results. Automation can reduce levels of measurement uncertainty and manufacturing costs, and increase laboratory throughput. Indentec's Projects Department can deliver bespoke designed solutions for automatic testing and measurement. Projects are taken from concept to completion by our team of UKAS accredited engineers.

Customised Fixtures for You

Fixture for hardness testing a poppet valve

If you have a challenging hardness testing application in Vickers, Rockwell or Brinell testing, please contact us for more information. We will manage the project from conception to completion and prove performance by testing on actual components before the machine is dispatched.