Combined Micro and Macro Vickers Testers from Indentec

Indentec manufactures 2 different models capable of testing micro vickers, macro vickers, knoop and brinell, each of which is available in 3 different configuration options.

We also offer specialised micro Vickers testers.


ZHV30-M Vickers Hardness Tester
  • Test force of 200 gf to 30 kgf (ZHV30) or 1 kgf to 50 kgf (ZHV50)
  • Automatic turret
  • Motorised test cycle
  • Motorised load change
  • Up to 4 objective lenses
  • Optional Precision vice
  • Optional X-Y stage, either manual or motorised
  • RS232 & USB Output
  • Converting to other scales
  • Hard wearing membrane keypad


  • ISO 6507-2
  • ASTM E384

Full traceability is assured as Indentec is an ISO 17025 UKAS accredited hardness calibration laboratory.


Prices are available on request.

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One of our Vickers testers (ZHV30-S) is included in our Special Package Offer which provides a discounted price to customers interested in purchasing a range of hardness testing machines together.

Configuration Options

Scales Software / Leadscrew
None / Manual
ZHμ.HD-S / Manual
ZHμ.HD-A / Automatic
200 gf - 30 kgf ZHV30-M ZHV30-S Offer Icon ZHV30-A
1 kgf - 50 kgf ZHV50-M ZHV50-S ZHV50-A

To learn more about our ZHμ.HD software package, please click here.

ZHμ.HD Systems

ZHV30-S Hardness Tester

ZHV30-S with ZHμ.HD

ZHV30-A Hardness Tester

ZHV30-A with ZHμ.HD

Feature ZHμ.HD-S ZHμ.HD-A
PC Yes Yes
1.3 mega pixel camera Yes Yes
HD software with auto indentation measurement Yes Yes
Manual effective case depth determination Yes -
Automatic effective case depth determination - Yes
Sample scanning and stitching capability - Yes
Auto focus capability - Yes
3 axis controller and joystick for motorised stage - Yes
X2.5 objective lens - Yes