Explore the benefits of using our automatic hardness testing machines. While we can't give you the full experience and features of our ZHμ.HD software working in tandem with our Micro and Macro Vickers machines, ZHVμ-A and ZHV-30, we have recorded a series of real time screen capture sequences which give you a flavour of the increases in operating efficiency, metrological accuracy and repeatability that our automatic machines offer.

Remember, this is real game footage.

Video Opening Screen

ZHVμ-A Demonstration YouTube Logo

ZHVμ-A Demo Screenshot

This video shows a ZHVμ-A. You can see the system components which are included in the package (unfortunately you'll have to provide your own Steffi). The footage shows how to create a "mosaic" overview image for test traverse planning. Then click [Run] and walk away.

Welded Sections - Hardness Evaluation YouTube Logo

Auto-weld Evaluation Screenshot

The analysis of the hardness profile of welds can be laborious due to the number of test points required. This is a real time screen grab of the planning of a test traverse. 45 test points are placed in less than 5 minutes. Then click [Run] and walk away.

Case or Nitride Depth Analysis YouTube Logo

Case/Nitride Depth Analysis Screenshot

This real time screen grab shows reliable automatic indent measurement, and the ZHμ.HD features which allow rapid and accurate positioning of test points to measure CDH or NDH in accordance with ISO 2639. Plan your test points, click [Run] and walk away.

Jominy Testing YouTube Logo

Jominy Testing Screenshot

Steel hardenability is checked by hardness testing of jominy samples. This video shows Indentec's automatic jominy testing system. Testing is controlled by the machine to ISO 642 and ASTM A255 so the operator can push [Start] and walk away.

Universal Testing: ZHU250CL YouTube Logo

ZHU250CL Video Screenshot

This video shows Indentec's new ZHU250CL hardness tester for testing Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell to ISO and ASTM standards in both automatic and semi-automatic configurations. Rockwell tests can also be carried out even without a PC.

Rockwell Testing YouTube Logo

Rockwell Video Screenshot

Indentec's range of Rockwell testers covers all budgets and functionality needs. See the simplicity and speed of Rockwell testing with Indentec's choice of Combined, Superficial and Rockwell testers.

Universal Rockwell Testing YouTube Logo

ZHR8150CLK Video Screenshot

Achieve reliable test results with the ZHR8150CLK hardness tester, suitable for use in more than 30 depth measurement method applications, such as Rockwell and ball indention hardness. Connect testXpert III for free report generation, standard conversion and database connection.