Diamond Software for Semi-Automatic Hardness Testing from Indentec

Works with: ZHVμ-S, ZHV30-S, ZHV50-S, ZHU250CL-S

Using its unique AI deep learning algorithm, Diamond can detect indents on a range of surfaces including those with low contrast and dull finishes.

Diamond cross references nearly half a million images to accurately produce repeatable, reproduceable and reliable test results.


Diamond Software Screenshots, auto measurement and example on etched weld sample
  • Knoop, Vickers and Brinell
  • Resolution of 4.0 megapixels with USB camera
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Workflow based test procedure
  • Professional reports
  • Usable with semi-automatic machines
  • Save and reload existing traverses
  • Automatically saves test results, images and measurement lines for future reference
  • Easy positioning and measuring reference points with annotation tools
  • Less sample preparation required


  • ISO 4545 / ISO 6506 /ISO 6507
  • ASTM E384 / ASTM E92 / ASTM E10


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Screenshot Examples

Diamond Screenshot, results overview

Overview of the hardness test results including limits