ZHμ.HD Software for Automatic Hardness Testing from Indentec

Works with: ZHVμ-A, ZHV30-A, ZHV50-A, ZHU250CL-A

Using its unique auto-detection capabilities, ZHμ.HD can measure indents on any sample surface, including those which are rough or etched.

ZHμ.HD has a built-in validation function and uses invariant dimensional calibration.


ZHμ.HD - Etched and Rough Surfaces
  • Knoop and Vickers
  • Resolution of 1.3 megapixels with USB 2.0 camera
  • Intuitive interface
  • Professional reports
  • Scan whole sample
  • Usable with semi or fully automatic machines
  • Macroview offers a detailed image of the whole sample
  • Even illumination provided by our unique shading corrector feature
  • Multidirectional traverses can be rotated to any angle with the T-Bar tool
  • Sample anywhere and obtain statistically relevant results with Free Run
  • Save and reload existing traverses
  • Easy positioning and measuring reference points with annotation tools


  • ISO 6507
  • ASTM E384
  • ASTM E140 compliant conversion tables.


Prices are available on request.

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Screenshot Examples

ZHμ.HD Screenshot - Tip to Tip

Screenshot - Tip to tip

ZHμ.HD Screenshot - Building a Background Image 1 ZHμ.HD Screenshot - Building a Background Image 2

Building the background image