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"The system is very intuitive and simple to use, giving very reliable and repeatable results..."

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of comprehensive systems and components used in oil and gas drilling and production. NOV specialises in the provision of oilfield tubular inspection, internal tubular coatings and other services, as well as in providing supply chain integration services to the upstream oil and gas industry. The NOV facility in Kalundborg, Denmark manufactures flexible pipes for the off shore oil industry. The facility produces some of the strongest and most advanced flexible pipe systems in the world and has innovation and quality at the centre of its mission. NOV Flexibles combines advanced technology and high quality to reach their goals and cover a wide range of engineering specialities from materials science to fatigue, corrosion and hydromechanics.

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Flexibles manufacturing requires a great deal of welding and the management of the quality of this welding in order to ensure optimum sub-sea performance in one of the most demanding offshore engineering environments is a key function. One of the indicators of weld quality is the hardness of the welded area, the heat affected zone and the parent metal. The material has extremely strict acceptance criteria, and it is essential that no changes to the material have occurred during the manufacturing process. The production department supply specimens of the welds to the Quality Department, which are cast in epoxy, ground and etched before hardness testing.

When the Quality Assurance Laboratory found that increasing production was placing increasing demands on laboratory time due to the numbers of hardness tests required they began looking for an additional fully automatic hardness tester to support their overburdened Indentec HV1 and replace a competitor machine which was found to be difficult to use. After reviewing the market, NOV decided to purchase a ZHV10-A which is able to test between 100g and 10kg and uses Indentec's ZHμ.HD software in an automatic test system. The machine was selected for the intuitive nature of the software which was found to be easy to use and the excellent metrological standards and traceability of the tester. The machine was also supplied with an Indentec specimen vice to ensure that specimens were presented correctly to the indenter and lenses and the requirement to refocus during a measurement traverse was reduced.

ZHV10-A Hardness Tester

Zwick Roell Indentec ZHV10 hardness tester

Rene Munk Madsen, the NOV Laboratory Engineer, said: "The main reason we choose Zwick is that we were expanding and we already had an HV1 machine that was working very well. The most important aspect was the program's ability to make simple automatic measurements. The system is very intuitive and simple to use, giving very reliable and repeatable results which is very important for us."

Additionally, on the recommendation of NOV Kalundborg, an Indentec machine was also ordered by NOV Flexibles in Brazil.

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