Indentec & Clemex: Intra-Company Co-operation

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Introducing: Indentec

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Indentec are the Zwick Roell Group hardness specialists, designing and manufacturing a range of Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell and Universal hardness testers to the most exacting international standards. Indentec are UKAS accredited as a calibration laboratory to ISO 17025. In recent years the demand for reliable, accurate, repeatable and reproducible automatic measurement of optically measured indentations in general and Vickers indentations in particular, have led to Indentec working closely with their software partner Clemex to develop a range of automatic hardness testers.

Introducing: Clemex

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A leading source of scientific image analysis solutions for quantitative microscopy, Clemex Technologies inc. provides image analysis systems and software for quality control and research laboratories. Major corporations around the world and in various disciplines such as healthcare, general manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive and research use Clemex Image Analysis products on a daily basis. Clemex Technologies had also developed their software for automatic hardness test indentation measurement and were assembling their own automatic hardness testers.


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Latterly the relationship became so close that Clemex were part purchased by the Zwick Roell Group. It was decided that were Indentec able to match the quality of the basic tester provided by their current supplier that Clemex would begin to base their automatic test systems around the Indentec ZHVμ Micro Vickers hardness tester.

The test process was exacting, and some special adaptations were required, including: incorporating a new, smaller digital camera into the body of the tester, a slight alteration in shape to reflect the removal of the eyepiece and rebranding for Clemex to prevent confusion in the market. The adapted machine has now been accepted as the basis for the new Clemex automatic hardness tester.

Clemex and Indentec expect to sell an additional 20 fully or semi-automatic Micro Vickers Hardness testers every year for the foreseeable future. This represents the culmination of a number of years of work seamlessly integrating the hardware and software components of a complex instrument which performs to international ASTM and ISO standards. This project stands as a model for intra-company cooperation and has produced a market leading technically advanced hardness product.