Testimonials: National Textile University, Pakistan

Not a hard decision for National Textile University

NTU Logo and photo of staff in laboratory
Photo of NTU staff in laboratory
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The textile industry is one of the most important in Pakistan, reflected by the presence of the country’s National Textile University (NTU). In response to growing demand for research and development in the field of technical textiles and composites, NTU founded the National Center for Composites Materials (NCCM) and chose ZwickRoell Indentec as their hardness testing technology partner.

The testing laboratory is at the heart of the institution and houses various testing systems for testing the mechanical characteristics of composites materials. One area of research conducted at the NCCM concerns the study of fibrous components and fibre-reinforced composites.

ZHR8150CLK Hardness Tester


Tests in the field of composites are extremely diverse, which is why NTU chose a range of Zwick Roell testing equipment including the AllroundLine testing machine, HIT230F drop weight tester, HIT25P pendulum impact tester and HC25 Compact servohydraulic testing machine.

When it came to hardness, NTU required an instrument capable of testing high performance composites, so they selected ZwickRoell Indentec's Universal Rockwell (ZHR8150CLK) instrument due to its ability to test on a wide range of materials and to numerous ISO and ASTM standards.

The scope of this instrument gave them confidence in reliable test results, ease of operator use and the flexibility to test on various scales.

"Next to extensive experience in the field of composites testing, excellent local service and support contributed to our decision to go with ZwickRoell," said NTU’s Dr. Yasir Nawab.